Magic Water-repellent Tablecloths

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Spills happen when eating. Grandkids spill, family members with giant coffee cups spill, guests with wine glasses in hand ( you know the guests that talk with their hands), they also spill. People that are blind, they spill when they eat as they can't see.  It's a fact of life, tablecloths need to look pretty, but also need to be stain resistant and easy to clean. These tablecloths are magic, spills bead up on top, giving you time to soak up a spill before it sets in. Most stains you can wipe up with a microfiber rag and some detergent.  And they are machine washable. Most of our clients own 5 of these tablecloths. Sizes are as follows: Round 70", Rectangle 58"x78", Rectangle 58" x 94", Rectangle 58"x 108", Rectangle 58"x126". Not all patterns are available in all sizes. New patterns are introduced twice a year, so this section will change often. These Tablecloths are easy-care, stain-resistant, water-repellent, machine-washable, and no ironing is needed. And they are great value as they are incredibly affordable. For your patio, we have Tablecloths that have a hole in the middle for the umbrella, with a zipper leading up to the hole.