FAQ - I window shop


Question: Do you sell windows?

Answer: No. If you are contemplating replacing older wooden windows by Loewen, consider keeping your Loewen windows as long as frames are in good shape. You can replace the sealed units ( if you are getting fogging in between glass, this means the seal is gone), which you can order custom made from AFG Glass Centre at 129, Vickers St. S. Thunder Bay, Ontario. Hire a professional to install the sealed glass units. Sand the wooden frames and re-varnish if needed. It may seem easier to replace wooden windows with vinyl windows, however, you may end up with less glass surface to see out of ( and you would be looking at more frame).  



book laying on chair with pink shawl

Question: What do you sell, and what services do you provide? 

Answer: We sell Dried Flowers, Faux Flower Wreaths & floral centrepieces, and design Wedding Flowers. We also sell Clara Clark Bedding, Pillows, Weighted Blankets, and Sheet sets. We are your Cottage Paint retailer in Northern Ontario. You can purchase seasonal Gifts, Leggings, Purses, &  Hand-made Soaps & Lotions, and so much more. You can take Classes in Furniture Painting, Wreath making, and DIY stencilled signs.  


Question: How do you clean a surface before Painting with Cottage Paint? 

Answer:  Always use Cottage Paint Furniture “Clean and Prep” to test for and remove wax and oil film build-up, dirt and grime before painting. This is one of the most important steps before painting. If contaminants are not removed from the surface discoloration or cracking of the painted surface can develop instantly or over time. The best place to test the surface is on the table top, for this is the area that would have had the most wax applications. As seen on the cloth in the picture the cleaner has removed dirty colored old wax from the surface.

This cleaner is formulated to remove problematic surface contaminants like waxes and oils. Do not use this product as a general cleaner. It is specifically formulated to prepare a surface for painting. Other cleaners like TSP will remove oil but not wax. A less desirable method of removing wax is to use mineral spirits and steel-wool.

Clean & Prep is water based and is environmentally friendly. You may choose to avoid spraying by emptying some product into a small bowl and brushing it onto the surface.

Instructions: Spray or brush the product onto the surface ensuring you cover the entire area. Let it soak for up to 1 minute then wipe with a clean damp cotton cloth. If something is found on the cloth then you know you need to remove it. Repeat the application until the cloth wipes clean. If there is too much wax and oil to remove or you have removed the entire finish back to the bare wood surface, it would be recommended to prime the furniture prior to painting.
Wiping an area immediately after the application (like you would using Windex) will not remove anything. The product must soak on the surface allowing it to penetrate and loosen the wax and oils. Longer is not better so please only allow it to sit for a minute or so. After you are satisfied that you have removed all the wax, rinse it with clean water and allow it to dry. If the surface has become soft or tacky, it will harden again as it dries. Do not paint over the surface until it is completely dry. This could take a few hours or as long as overnight.


Cleaning furniture with Cottage Paint cleaner


Question: Is Paint returnable? 

Answer: No.


Question: When is it necessary to use a Primer? which Primer should I use? 

Answer:  There are a number of reasons why you need to use a primer. After cleaning the furniture, and if no lacquer or varnish is present, and you are wiping off a lot of wax and oils, a primer should be applied. This might indicate that it was waxed since its creation and the old wax is embedded in the wood grain. Priming the surface will help avoid future cracking and discoloring of the painted finish.

However, if you do not mind the cracks, in fact, you find they add to the vintage look, then go ahead and paint. Some woods naturally contain tannins and knots, these should also be primed to avoid similar discoloration of the painted surface. A general rule of thumb is that darker colored paint will hide more imperfections than lighter colored paints.

Use Cottage Paint Clear furniture Primer, and if your furniture is quite damaged, you may need to use BIN shellac-based Primer by Zinsser. Use the more expensive can of BIN ( shellac-based). 


Cottage Paint clear furniture primer, Bin primer


Question: Can Cottage Paint be used on bare wood? 

AnswerAlthough Cottage Paint can be applied on bare wood, there could be some undesirable results depending on the type of wood. The paint may cause the wood grain to lift requiring you to lightly sand between coats and there might be a chance of future paint discoloration from unsealed wood tannins. Cottage Paint is porous and will not act as a sealer. It would be better to seal with Cottage Paint clear primer or Cottage Paint flat varnish, then paint. 

Question: What should I do if my furniture has gouges and bumps on the surface?

Answer: Unfortunately, Cottage Paint will not hide imperfections such as gouges and bumps. Depending on how vintage you want your piece to look you may decide not to worry about it and paint right over it. If you want to repair the surface and fill holes and gouges, use a spackling compound (not wood filler) and lightly sand to a smooth finish. Wood fillers can bleed and discolor the paint. Bumps can be scraped or sanded smooth so they will not be seen once painted. Damaged veneers can be removed and the area can also be filled with a spackling compound and sanded smooth.


filling in digs in furniture before painting with Cottage Paint

Question: How do I know if I have prepared my furniture well enough? 

Answer: The way to identify if a surface is ready for painting is that the surface must be clean, sealed and sound. Due to a wide variety of products used on furniture in the past and newly develop finishes of today, it is always recommended that you paint a small test panel on the furniture to help foresee any undesirable results. It is also a good idea before painting the entire piece, to clean a small area such as a cabinet door or drawer front with the Furniture Clean and Prep and then complete the chosen applications to see the final result.

This will help you solve any possible issues with the original surface and ensure that you will be pleased with the color and techniques you have chosen to apply to the furniture or cabinetry. This especially holds true for those who are taking on a large project such as kitchen cabinetry. After painting a large number of kitchen cabinet doors, it is not the time to decide you are unhappy with the end result or you discover that stains are bleeding through when you apply the top coat.

Question: Are Mattresses returnable? Is there a Warranty? what Brand is it? Is there a Product video? Is the mattress comfy? Can I try out the mattress? 

Answer: Mattresses are not returnable. There is a 10 year warranty. The brand is Paarizaat. There is no product video. The mattress is Memory foam, and of medium firmness. If you would like more softness, add on one of our Mattress Toppers. You can try out this mattress at our store, The Camellia, at 30/32 Hcquoil Rd. in Slate River, Ontario. 

WARRANTY: This mattress has a limited Warranty of 10 years from date of purchase, for non-rental use. If you are using this mattress for rental, it has a 1 year warranty. Paarizaat mattresses are designed to be used with a firm, solid surface, non-spring foundation or adjustable bed base foundation. 

This warranty does not apply to Business, Commercial, institutional or nonresidential uses.  


Question: What are some Mattress do's and don'ts? 


DO give your new mattress some time to 'air' out after you have removed the plastic packaging. Mattress will reach its full height of 10 " if left overnight. (It comes compressed in the box when you first open it). 

DO keep your Bedding clean. A Mattress cover is a MUST. Ask about our Clara Clark Mattress pad, which is waterproof, and washable. 

DO replace the old foundation when purchasing a new mattress. It may appear that your new mattress is sagging, when it is really a foundation issue. 

DO use an appropriate frame and center support for Queen and King size sets. Using the right support frame will ensure that your warranty remains in effect. 

DO allow your memory foam mattress to warm to room temperature. The memory foam is temperature sensitive and will soften when warm. 

DON'T place your mattress near open flame or expose to fire. this mattress is not fireproof. 

DON'T smoke in bed.

DON'T let anyone jump or stand on your mattress. 

DON'T Allow your mattress to get wet. 

DON'T remove the tag or label , this helps identify the mattress and your limited warranty. 

DON'T use dry-cleaning fluid on mattress.

DON'T place pillow-top side of mattress on bottom.  


Question: Do you feel hot when sleeping on Clara Clark sheets? 

Answer:  We don't find that a person gets hot when sleeping on these sheets. However, heat and cold are a matter of personal preference. What is too hot for 1 person is chilly to another person. Sheets are not returnable.