Lake Superior Camp collection - Expression, Serenity

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Northern Ontario is a wonderful place filled with Lakes, Forests, beautiful views, and Lake Superior. There are many Camps which have been passed on from generations ago. Many are small, with wood walls, and need a lot of updating! Cottage Paint Expression and Serenity to the rescue! Walls can be brightened up with lighter shades of Cottage Paint, furniture can be restored, beams can be touched up. Best of all, Cottage Paint is water-based and easy to apply, with low voc's. Choose the original Expression Paint for a timeworn, distressed finish or Serenity, for a solid, modern look. If you are covering dark colours, talk to us about using a stain blocking primer to prevent bleed through. Serenity can be used outdoors, with proper preparation ( pressure washing, scraping of any peeling paint, using an outdoor primer). Phone us at 807-475-3551. 

Camille's picks for Camp:

Lily pad, Lichen, paired with Cloudy Day 

Bluejay, Beechwood with Sunset 

Canoe, Lakeside, with Shoreline

Blueberry, Cottage white and Firefly

Blue Heron paired with Creekside and Monarch

Choose Serenity for a less Shabby. More Chic look!
When you’re not looking for that vintage look and simply want to paint your furniture to give it a fresh new appearance, Serenity is a mineral paint that goes on clean and evenly with no extra work. Simply prep your surface, then paint. No top coat is required.
Serenity is formulated with top quality acrylic and urethane resins that cure to become a very durable surface. Serenity is available in a soft silky-smooth finish or a velvety flat finish.
There is NO sanding and NO priming required if the surface is cleaned, sealed and sound. When painting with Serenity paint, the surface dries with a built-in sealer. There is no need to worry about any additional waxes or varnishes. It’s as easy as that.

 Expression Cottage Paint is a clay chalk paint that offers an inexpensive and easy way to renew and restore your furniture so you can Re-Love it all over again. Made with clay and chalk components, this furniture paint creates a flat chalky, aged finish. Cottage Paint has great adhesive properties and is very easy to apply. As long as the surface is clean, sealed and sound, there is NO priming, NO sanding, and NO stripping required. You can apply the paint directly over any varnished or lacquered surface. Generally, two coats are required for full-color coverage but this varies according to the pigment of the color and the type and color of the surface you are painting over. Once dry, it can easily be distressed with a damp cloth. Using a damp cloth instead of sandpaper to distress the painted surface protects the furniture’s fine detailing and sharp edges plus it does not create the air born dust and mess that sanding does. A distressed finish leaves a velvety smooth, time-worn, chalky finish that contrasts contemporary looking furniture that has simply just been painted. The flat porous surface opens up a huge range of possibilities to add decorative finishes and applications to the furniture piece. A clear protective top coat is required. Once the desired effect is achieved, there is a wide selection of topcoats available. Painting with Cottage Paint’s clay chalk paint is simple, therapeutic and rewarding