Yellow and Orange tones - Expression Cottage Paint, Buy online

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The most versatile way to express yourself. Expression is our creative paint, a one-of-a-kind formula to achieve amazing results. Colours in this collection are: Buttercup, Firefly, Chickadee, Sunset, Monarch and Warm glow. Use the drop down menu on the left to see all size and colour options. Call us at 807-475-3551 with any questions. 

We know you’ve been staring at that object for days now, thinking of a way to transform into something you can fall in love with again. Expression is a very enjoyable and versatile paint to experiment with. It is perfect to achieve unique results on its own or by layering and combining with our wide range of products. Plus, you can paint on as many surfaces as you desire!


If you are looking for a flat chalky or aged finish, Expression is the ideal paint.