We often get asked  'Where do we get our ideas from?' Here are some photos of what's inspiring us. We encourage you to think about what makes you happy, then seek to incorporate these elements and colours into your Home and everyday Life. With this new reality of WFH ( Work from Home), our Homes now have to fulfill new roles.

Hazelwood Lake near Thunder Bay. Ontario

 Look to Nature for Inspiration. We draw inspiration from the many Lakes around us here in Northern Ontario. Cottage Paint has many shades of Blues and Greens. For a full colour chart, go to

Neutral shades on trunk of a Birch tree

For those of you who love neutrals, look at how the colours on the bark of this Birch tree all blend together in harmony. Don't agonise over colour choices, Sometimes we can get analysis paralysis, and so we keep living with the same colours or the same furniture placement. Look at Cottage Paint colours in our Northern Elements collection. 

 a flat lay product grouping of Beach related products and paint

 So often we go away on Holiday, perhaps to the Caribbean islands, and we return home to grey, and snow, and cold weather, and we get a bit down. Why not incorporate colors from our Cottage Paint Caribbean collection?  Beach decor, and bright colours add fun into your Life. Think about a feature wall in your bedroom, and then check out Clara Clark sheet sets which come in 32 colours.  

hummingbird in flight

Here at IWindowshop, we love colour, especially the flourescent blues and greens of a Hummingbird.