Weighted eye mask+ Napa soap Gift set

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Relax with this hand-made, weighted Eye Mask, with strap, made of 100% cotton fabric, rice & Lavender.  It can be heated in the microwave and used for relaxation and sinus relief. The combination of weight and heat on your eyes provides relief from sinus pressure. It may help with dry eyes due to Sjogren’s syndrome. It is great for Yoga and Meditation. It can be chilled in the freezer and used to De-Puff your Eyes! Used cold, eye pack may help with migranes. HEAT Instructions: Place Eye Mask in the Microwave for 50 - 70 seconds, depending on the strength of your Microwave.
COOL Instructions: Place Eye Mask in a plastic zip-lock bag, and freeze for 2-3 hours.
Remove from the Freezer, remove the Eye Mask from the plastic Bag, and enjoy.
CARE and Washing: This eye mask is Spot Wash only. Do not submerge in Water.

Napa Sopa is made in St. Helena, with the finest of ingredients, and smells and feels wonderful.