Cottage Paint Furniture Clean and Prep

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Why do you need to clean before painting?  Cleaning is very important as it removes any build-up of dirt or finishes which will prevent your paint from adhering properly.

Always use Cottage Paint Furniture “Clean and Prep” to test for and remove wax and oil film build-up, dirt and grime before painting. This is one of the most important steps before painting. If contaminants are not removed from the surface discoloration or cracking of the painted surface can develop instantly or over time. The best place to test the surface is on the table top, for this is the area that would have had the most wax applications. As seen on the cloth in the picture the cleaner has removed dirty colored old wax from the surface.

This cleaner is formulated to remove problematic surface contaminants like waxes and oils. Do not use this product as a general cleaner. It is specifically formulated to prepare a surface for painting. Other cleaners like TSP will remove oil but not wax. A less desirable method of removing wax is to use mineral spirits and steel-wool.

Clean & Prep is water based and is environmentally friendly. You may choose to avoid spraying by emptying some product into a small bowl and brushing it onto the surface.

Instructions: Spray or brush the product onto the surface ensuring you cover the entire area. Let it soak for up to 1 minute then wipe with a clean damp cotton cloth. If something is found on the cloth then you know you need to remove it. Repeat the application until the cloth wipes clean. If there is too much wax and oil to remove or you have removed the entire finish back to the bare wood surface, it would be recommended to prime the furniture prior to painting.
Wiping an area immediately after the application (like you would using Windex) will not remove anything. The product must soak on the surface allowing it to penetrate and loosen the wax and oils. Longer is not better so please only allow it to sit for a minute or so. After you are satisfied that you have removed all the wax, rinse it with clean water and allow it to dry. If the surface has become soft or tacky, it will harden again as it dries. Do not paint over the surface until it is completely dry. This could take a few hours or as long as overnight.

For more information on preparing your surface before painting, visit https://cottagepaint.com/project-checklist/prepare-furniture-for-painting/

Watch the tutorial : https://cottagepaint.com/product/clean-and-prep/