Fresh silver dollar Eucalyptus plant Gift set.

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Eucalyptus is beneficial in so many ways ....plants purify the air, and eucalyptus oil helps with sinus congestion. We grew these Eucalyptus silver dollar plants from seed, and babied them all Summer long. They love humidity and an area of bright light, like a south-facing window. Water regularly, taking care not to over-water. A light misting of water is beneficial. A Eucalyptus plant cleans the air, and is perfect for practicing self-care, or in a meditation area. This Gift set includes a bar of Napa Valley Soap in a Eucalyptus Spa scent, with sweet peppermint notes. Napa Soap is hand-made in small batches in St. Helena, and is a real treat for a Spa Day or everyday.  Pick-up or Delivery in Thunder Bay and area, plant is fresh and cannot be shipped.